29 July 2008

Generation Text

In this day and age, it's happened to all of us: be it a stumble, bumping into a stranger or walking smack into something - the tragedies of texting-on-the-go happen everywhere you look. We are Generation Text (don't laugh at me; I didn't come up with it).

Texting-on-the-go (TOTG), however, is slightly different than stationary-texting. I can't count the number of hilarious instances I've witnessed when someone is TOTG and they walk right into a wall, a stranger, door, you name it. I, for one, like to learn from other people's mistakes, thus I very rarely TOTG. When I do, my trick is to hold the phone up at eye-level; this way you can still watch where you are going.

The article linked to the image below is pretty interesting. One guy
almost ran down a bride at a wedding due to his TOTG. Several TOTG-ers have had
facial and other injuries from falling down due to TOTG. By far the most outlandish thing related to texting that I've ever come across is the National Texting
Championship. It's pretty lame in my opinion, but hey, the $50K reward is $50K.

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