26 July 2008

Baldwin Park

Where in the world is Amanda Bennett? Orlando, Florida! Specifically, Baldwin Park. I really lucked out this summer for my Lockheed Martin internship accommodation. I'm living with a Purdue friend, Jason, who graduated from my major last December and also works in the same office I worked in last summer and am working in again this summer. It's a gorgeous area - plus it has a very chic and hot spot feel to it. The first photo is of the outside of Jason's apartment (he lives on the first floor). The second photo is a shot of some nearby apartments/condos along the way to the pool.

Right across the street from the houses is a green where I imagined tossing around the frisbee with Adam. He didn't pack it when he visited but we did enjoy an afternoon at the pool just behind the green. Here's something cool: the gym is near the pool, and it's called The Hopper Hall, named after Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. She's the woman who coined the phrase "computer bug" and whom inspired the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference.

With regards to apartment hunting, I'm considering living at Post Apartments in Baldwin Park. It's a close one between Post and Tortuga Bay. Post has a little more to offer (a running/biking trail around a lake, villiage center, etc.), but Tortuga Bay is less expensive and a lot closer to work. Hmm... lots of factors in this decision.

I am very thankful for Jason's hospitality. I'm not sure what I would have done about accommodation had it not been for him. Thank you, Jason!

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