16 May 2011

The Golden Family

While making great effort to snap a photograph of every family member present at my grandmother's services over the last few days, the task of accurately documenting The Golden Family has landed squarely in my lap. I am actually really excited to piece together and research the full names, dates of births and deceased, and marriages of the descendants of my maternal great-grandparents, Frank & Lena Golden.

I've never undertaken such a monumental task on behalf of the entire family, so I thought I'd learn a little about my endeavor. I started by doing a Google search on "genealogy."

Of course, Wikipedia's genealogy article popped up high in the search results. After reading a bit there, I was happy to confirm there is a variety of genealogy software to help me in my task. I am going to research some of the options and put one to use; any of them should be an enhancement to the Word document my mom is supposed to email me today. = P

I'm also going to see about creating a web space for The Golden Family where we can share photos and news. A Facebook Group makes the most sense, I suppose. Good ole Facebook.


Anonymous said...

I know someone who has done all of the work already for you. Don Golden. Get in contact with him to see all of the great work that he has already done. Brady

ambennett86 said...

yeah, we're in touch. he doesn't have full details of some grand and some great-grand children. plus mom made it sound like he only had the details in word doc format; i'd like to get it into a software tool where it's easier to maintain and display the tree.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea! I would be very interested in knowing where I came from and have it be in a user friendly format. Will you be getting Don's info to put in and then work from there on the unknowns? Also- how can I help?~Jen True