27 October 2010

PSU Spring 2011

I am registering for my Spring 2011 classes at Penn State this week. I am signing up for these two:

IST 552 - Data and Knowledge Management
This course introduces the computational foundations, methodologies, and tools in data, information, and knowledge management so that the students can organize information storage more efficiently, process information more effectively, and manage and reuse knowledge for better situational awareness and decision making. Emphasis is placed on data models, knowledge representation, information retrieval and searching techniques, data mining, geospatial applications, and multimedia tools. Relevant organizational issues are discussed throughout the course.
IST 411 - Distributed-Object Computing

This course presents the fundamental concepts of distributed-object computing, with applications to client/server computing, which is an important platform for real-world computing systems. The course focuses on tools and techniques used in the design, development, and deployment of client/server systems, including traditional architectures and distributed-object technologies. Issues of managing client/server systems, and the relationships between organizational processes and information system architectures, are also considered. (Prerequisite: IST 311 - waived for me as an ISLDP!)

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